Christelle Hypnotherapy

Healing in a deeper and faster way by combining the mind, body and spirit.

Overcoming mental health issues doesn’t have to take years anymore.

As the world becomes more aware about the powerful benefits of holistic healing approaches, hypnotherapy has become one of the most effective practices to heal a broad range of issues such as addictions & habits,  anxiety and depression, fear and phobias as well as post traumatic stress disorder.

By diving into our own inner world we are able to heal from the past, understand ourselves and others in a meaningful  and compassionate way, and look at the world around us with new eyes.

To take the path of holistic healing is to open our mind to who we are in our entirety, and therefore to heal as a whole mind, body and spirit.



Heal at the root of your issues through the powerful state of hypnosis, following the way your subconscious mind works for a more powerful healing.


Get a full scan of your physical and energy body. Release trapped emotions and inherited trauma, reset physical misalignment and release toxicity in a faster way.


Find here a variety of powerful programs tailored to specific issues and needs. 


Mentorship offerings for those who are starting their career in the holistic world and need some extra support.

I have no words to express the gratitude of your work, the way you held such an amazing space guiding firmly yet so gently. It took courage but I felt very supported and held.



My Focus

Chronic tension and illnesses

Chronic tension and illnesses are NOT just something you will have to carry your whole life, it doesn’t just “run in the family”, and certainly isn’t fate..

By combining hypnotherapy, emotion code and body code healing we are able to find the very root cause of the imbalance and release it for good.

Emotions play a big part in our overall health, when repressed they get trapped in the physical body creating an uncomfortable sensation which becomes overtime chronic tension and illnesses.

The stuck energy can also be passed down from generation to generation, affecting the health of future generations from even a younger age.

Examples of tension and illnesses created by trapped emotions:  back, shoulder and neck pain, chronic migraines, chest pressure or tension, allergies, ligament tension, knee pain, digestive issues, asthma, heart conditions, panic attacks.

Post traumatic stress and Complex issues

Post traumatic stress disorder is a lot more common than we may think, and affects the human body on a physical and spiritual level.

A traumatic experience can be one sudden event (i.e car crash, sudden death of loved one) or in a repeated way (i.e mental, physical abuse).

Trauma manifests in the mind and the body, the central nervous system becomes deregulated and trapped emotions become heavier overtime, which will cause a great deal of suffering mentally and physically. We will then unintentionally resort to unhealthy ways to cope from the heaviness we feel, or to fill the void we experience on a daily basis.

Issues successfully addressed: 
Feeling threatened by the world, not feeling safe in your body, feeling stuck or unlucky in life, clinical depression, chronic anxiety, addiction, panic attacks, mood disorders, bipolar disorder, outburst of anger, grief, PTSD and complex PTSD, childhood abuse/trauma, sexual abuse, mental and physical abuse, dissociation.

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