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As the world becomes more aware about the powerful benefits of holistic healing approaches, hypnotherapy has become one of the most effective practices to heal a broad range of issues such as addictions & habits,  anxiety and depression, fear and phobias as well as post traumatic stress disorder.

By diving into our own inner world we are able to heal from the past, understand ourselves and others in a meaningful  and compassionate way, and look at the world around us with new eyes.

To take the path of holistic healing is to open our mind to who we are in our entirety, and therefore to heal as a whole mind, body and spirit.

Do you need support in any of these areas?

Low self esteem & low self worth

Lack of self esteem, or low self worth are often at the root cause of a lot of issues. They weigh you down in your everyday life, blocking you from clear & positive thinking, causing procrastination and stopping you from having clear boundaries with other people.

Abundance block

Abundance blocks are the results of blocks in the subconscious mind, negative programming, self sabotaging and creative insecurity due to unresolved traumas. We also build a wall around our heart field as we go through intense negative emotions, and this too can prevent you from attracting aboundance.

Addictions & habits

Addictions are created when we feel the need to escape from intense heaviness and negative emotions trapped in the body & mind, ongoing toxic environment, or numbness from traumatic events in the past (childhood or adulthood). Habits can also be formed as a coping mechanism.

Physical tension and Chronic illness

 Traumatic or stressful experiences manifest in the body. The nervous system becomes deregulated and emotions felt during a single event or a combination of events gets trapped in the weakest parts of our bodies and create chronic tension & illnesses.








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