About Christelle

I am Christelle, a truly passionate certified holistic hypnotherapist & energy worker with 4 years of experience and hundreds of successful outcomes.

Originally from France, I have lived in Australia for 8 years and I am now based in Indonesia since early 2019. Having experienced different cultures and practising in both English and French languages allows me to gain a great understanding of different backgrounds and ways of looking at the world.

Before transitioning into becoming a holistic pratitioner,  I was experiencing a great deal of unworthiness, worthlessness, lack of identity, anxiety, depression and burnout all deeply rooted in childhood and adulthood trauma which led me to embark on my healing journey through Holistic Hypnotherapy and Energy Work.

Therefore I do have a profound understanding of what it takes to commit to healing ourselves, and the depth and power of this work.

My mission and purpose is to raise awareness that we can heal from any kind of issue and to help others gain profound wisdom & powerful shifts within their mind and body.  My vision is to bring energy healing, psychotherapy & hypnosis together for a powerful experience & outcome.


& trainings 


  • Holistic Hypnotherapy Diploma with HHHypnosis in Bali (200 hours)
  • Emotion Code certificate with Dr Bradley Nelson
  • Body Code certificate with Dr Bradley Nelson (in process)
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Practitioner certificate (Kain Ramsey, Academy of Applied Psychology, 40 hours)
  • Advanced Counselling Skills certificate (Kain Ramsey, Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, 44 hours)
  • Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology (Kain Ramsey, Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, 52 hours)
  • Advanced training for trauma treatment and complex PTSD – (Robert Rhoton, Trauma Institute of Arizona)
  • 7 days silent meditation retreat for health and calmness (Level 1, Bali Usada)
  • Neuro-linguistic programming coaching (Kain Ramsey, Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, 42 hours)
  • Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2 (Clare Hampton, The Inner Healing Rooms, Bali)

The sense of ease Christelle created for me allowed me to achieve the level of relaxation to go in and do the deep work i would normally be too tense & uncomfortable to do on my own. As a guide she made me feel excited and curious to do the work. I have approached her to help with my anxiety and creative blocks I was too anxious to enjoy my life and relationship, and unable to act on my own creative drives. From after my very first session, I was able to write again without my anxiety taking over- for the first time in years. I’m no longer beset by fear and the racing mind that made it impossible to enjoy my life or be creative.

I am now painting, drawing, writing designing making clothes & beautiful objects, I am finally able to connect with practices that make me feel alive and inspired. To be following my natural impulses with ease and excitement, that’s what I have always wanted. I had no idea that my inability to do so was connected to unresolved childhood trauma. I had been so hard on myself for not being as and creative as I would like to be, but I now have compassion for myself.  I am feeling connected to myself again. I recommend Christelle & hypnotherapy to absolutely everyone who asks, because I believe everyone deserves to feel as alive, energised, and carefree as I have felt since starting the session.


I have been curious about hypnotherapy for a number of years but truthfully too nervous to venture into my subconscious mind, I was afraid of what could be hidden there, that I might dig up old traumas I was lucky enough to be guided by Christelle, who’s compassion and wisdom made me feel safe and secure throughout the entire process, my sessions were conducted over skype from the other side of the world (Toronto to Bali) so it was amazing to feel so held from such a distance. During and outside of my sessions i could physically feel the energy work performing, it was as if the tension and discomfort were being physically drawn out of my body. The morning after a session where Christelle did energy work, I woke up feeling as if I have had surgery on my right shoulder, the tension and pain i was so accustomed to carrying had finally been lifted. I had had chronic pain in the right side of my body for the past decade, and it is now completely gone. Its been a month since my last session, so I feel confident to say that the work Christelle dd was nothing short of life changing for me. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for her removing this physical pain. With her help, I learned that it was tied to emotional baggage that I’d been carrying since childhood. By resolving my emotional pain with Christelle I also resolved my physical pain. She truly is a healer.


I had hypnotherapy with Christelle to address my explosive headaches. I had been to various doctors who diagnosed it at exertion headaches, but none could explain why. As I didn’t want to keep on relying on pills, I went to Christelle for help. from the moment I met her, Christelle made me feel safe and calm so I was able to open up to her. She guided me gently through my subconscious, getting at the root cause of these headaches. Throughout the session, she held an amazing space for me to be able to identify and release all the repressed emotions I have held for a long time. I am happy to report that it’s been 8 months since my session, and I haven’t had any explosive headaches since then. I definitely recommend Christelle, she was compassionate, insightful and most importantly she made me feel safe through the process. Thank you for helping me!


I have no words to express the gratitude of your work, the way you help such an amazing space guiding firmly yet so gently. It took courage but I felt very supported and held.


Christelle made me feel safe and completely secure throughout the entire session. Her voice was calm, soothing & comforting which allowed me to relax into the process.

We dove into some of my emotional blocks & were able to process them with effortless ease together.

Seeing the positive changes in my life & relationships as a results has been so rewarding. I am so grateful for Christelle & the work she does