Inheritance and Genetics

Apr 24, 2022

Emotions are vibrational frequencies that are generated by our organs and glands in response to stress, an event or experience, trauma or imbalance in the body.

When we experience a traumatic event that is sudden or constant for a long period of time (like a war, or childhood abuse), the negative emotions will get trapped in the body and will start causing all sorts of issues, which also affects our DNA.

Here are few examples of issues caused by trapped emotions : 
Tension in the shoulders / neck / back.
Misalignment in the skeleton, soft tissues, muscles, organs and glands.
Chronic illnesses.
Headaches, migraines. 
Hormonal imbalances.
Digestive issues.

If never released, the trapped emotions and trauma energy will inevitably get passed down from generation to generation, (up to 100’s of generations) it can manifest in the form of chronic illnesses, other illnesses or all sorts of issues that often are said to be “in the family”. 
Knowing that we are carrying some of the bad / unwanted genes of our family can feel quite powerless as we just believe that it is nearly impossible to be fixed… right ?

Well, here is the great news …

weather you believe it or not… you can actually heal from your family inheritance (not magically in 1 day.. please know that this may take some commitment from you) though it is possible and here is how : 
Holistic practices are the most powerful modalities when it comes to heal the family line and heal ourselves. 
Working on the mind, body and spirit is essential in order to get the most powerful outcome. 
The best practices I have personally experienced are the following ones :

Holistic hypnotherapy : within the state of hypnosis  we can access experiences from our ancestors and heal on a quantum level which will integrate on the physical level too.

Energy healing (emotion code & body code) : This method also focuses on inherited trapped energy. When we release an inherited trapped emotion from an individual, the emotion also gets released from the previous generations (dead or alive) at the very same time. During the session, the spirits of the ancestors who have passed away will show up for a short moment to experience the healing.

Meditation, but not any kind of meditation : amongst the most powerful ones is healing and loving kindness meditation, Vipasana, where you go into every part of your body and heal the imbalance or illness weather they are inherited or not.

Christelle x

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