I had hypnotherapy with Christelle to address my explosive headaches. I had been to various doctors who diagnosed it at exertion headaches, but none could explain why. As I didn’t want to keep on relying on pills, I went to Christelle for help. from the moment I met her, Christelle made me feel safe and calm so I was able to open up to her. She guided me gently through my subconscious, getting at the root cause of these headaches. Throughout the session, she held an amazing space for me to be able to identify and release all the repressed emotions I have held for a long time. I am happy to report that it’s been 8 months since my session, and I haven’t had any explosive headaches since then. I definitely recommend Christelle, she was compassionate, insightful and most importantly she made me feel safe through the process. Thank you for helping me!