The sense of ease Christelle created for me allowed me to achieve the level of relaxation to go in and do the deep work i would normally be too tense & uncomfortable to do on my own. As a guide she made me feel excited and curious to do the work. I have approached her to help with my anxiety and creative blocks I was too anxious to enjoy my life and relationship, and unable to act on my own creative drives. From after my very first session, I was able to write again without my anxiety taking over- for the first time in years. I’m no longer beset by fear and the racing mind that made it impossible to enjoy my life or be creative.

I am now painting, drawing, writing designing making clothes & beautiful objects, I am finally able to connect with practices that make me feel alive and inspired. To be following my natural impulses with ease and excitement, that’s what I have always wanted. I had no idea that my inability to do so was connected to unresolved childhood trauma. I had been so hard on myself for not being as and creative as I would like to be, but I now have compassion for myself.  I am feeling connected to myself again. I recommend Christelle & hypnotherapy to absolutely everyone who asks, because I believe everyone deserves to feel as alive, energised, and carefree as I have felt since starting the session.