I have been curious about hypnotherapy for a number of years but truthfully too nervous to venture into my subconscious mind, I was afraid of what could be hidden there, that I might dig up old traumas I was lucky enough to be guided by Christelle, who’s compassion and wisdom made me feel safe and secure throughout the entire process, my sessions were conducted over skype from the other side of the world (Toronto to Bali) so it was amazing to feel so held from such a distance. During and outside of my sessions i could physically feel the energy work performing, it was as if the tension and discomfort were being physically drawn out of my body. The morning after a session where Christelle did energy work, I woke up feeling as if I have had surgery on my right shoulder, the tension and pain i was so accustomed to carrying had finally been lifted. I had had chronic pain in the right side of my body for the past decade, and it is now completely gone. Its been a month since my last session, so I feel confident to say that the work Christelle dd was nothing short of life changing for me. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for her removing this physical pain. With her help, I learned that it was tied to emotional baggage that I’d been carrying since childhood. By resolving my emotional pain with Christelle I also resolved my physical pain. She truly is a healer.