Energy Healing

Emotion Code and Body Code Energy Healing

The emotion code has been completing my practice as hypnotherapist for the last 3 years. This simple yet transformative energy healing method is allowing us to go into details of the mind and the body that may not be always perceivable through the state of hypnosis. It allows us to release and reset psychosomatic imbalances, release trapped emotions and trauma energy whithin the body and reprogram belief systems.

This powerful method can be done remotly, online or in person. I have now worked with 100’s of clients all over the world (France, Germany, USA, Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, Japan). 

Energy Healing

private 1:1 session online or in person

 The duration of 1 session is 1 hour  –  price : USD $90

Pre hypnotherapy talk – 10/15 mins

During this time, we will go through an intake form which will give me understanding and insights on what is causing your issue so i can best help you during the healing portion. The next step is to prepare you for the hypnosis portion, I will also explain what you can expect during the session to make sure you are feeling comfortable and safe.

Healing portion – 40 mins 

 My main focus will be to find any imbalances and trapped emotions in the body and the mind that are causing your issue and order your subconcious mindto release them or reset the imbalanced part of your body.

Post healing talk 

We will take a short time to discuss what has been found and released. i will then send you the record of the sessin by email or message so you can reflect on it whenever you wish.  I will give also you some precious information on what to do once you get home so you can best integrate our session and feel at ease.

How to prepare for an online session

All you need to do to best prepare for an online energy healing session is to have a good and stable internet connection, a quiet place where you feel comfortable and safe (preferably using a sofa, couch or bed), and to make sure you are not going to be disturbed for at least 1 hour.

“My energetic session with Christelle was so liberating. She worked on problems i had for years on my digestive system. I always flet like my stomach was tensed and holding “something”, like if i was holding onto an emotion for a very long time. after eating i always felt very heavy in an abnormal way. Right after the session our session, all i have described above simply vanished. she released all the emotions stuck in my intestne and digestie track. I was truly blown away. I feel lighter, i have more energy and i can move on to the next step in my life without this burden. A life changing session.”


Does this really work remotely ?

Oh yes it does ! Since we are all made out of energy there is no differences between an in-person and remote session.  As long as you are well hydrated and relaxed there is no reason for the session not to work as well as an in-person session. 

How many sessions will i need to overcome my issue ?

This will depend on the issue you wish to address. most of the time 2 sessions minimum is needed to fully address any kind of issues. 

Energy healing is done by