Holistic Hypnotherapy 

Holistic hypnotherapy has changed my life

and I want nothing more than to share this deeply transformational practice with you so that you can too, experience powerful shifts within your mind body and energy. Holistic hypnotherapy covers it all.Within the state of hypnosis, we can access our subconscious mind which is the part of our mind that contains all the memories beliefs and imprints, even the ones we are not consciously aware of or don’t remember.
This is the same part of the mind that ensures our survival.
It also organises and runs all the systems and circuits of our physical body without our conscious awareness.

By diving into our subconscious mind and going back into the root cause of our issues, the therapy work becomes deeply powerful, the body and spirit will heal itself as the mind shifts.


private 1:1 session online or in-person

Duration : 2-3 hours  I  Price: USD $160

Pre hypnosis talk – 30 mins

During this time, we will go through an intake form which will give me understanding and insights on what is causing your issue so i can best help you during the hypnosis portion. The next step is to prepare you for the hypnosis portion, I will also explain what you can expect while in hypnosis to make sure you are feeling comfortable and safe.

Hypnosis portion – 1.5 to 2 hours 

While in hypnosis we will explore your subconscious mind to find where & what the root cause of your issue is. My main focus will be to help that root cause version of you to be happier & healthier, release the emotions that are trapped in your subconscious from that event(s), & shift your perception of the trauma, event,  memory so that you can feel lighter and more at peace.

Post hypnotherapy talk 

During this time I will make sure you reintegrate smoothly, and we will take a short time to discuss the key parts of the hypnosis portion and highlight the insights. I will give you some precious information on what to do once you get home so you can best integrate our session and feel at ease.

How to best prepare for an online session

All you need to do to best prepare for an online hypnotherapy session is to have a good and stable internet connection, a laptop, a quiet place where you feel comfortable and safe (preferably using a sofa, couch or bed), no loud noises outside of the room, apartment or house would be ideal (i.e loud construction), earphones with microphone or fully charged airpods in good working condition, and make sure you are not going to be disturbed for at least 3 hours.

Frequently asked questions

"I am worried that I cannot be hypnotized!" or "It didn't work with another hypnotherapist"

Everyone can enter into the state hypnosis.  It is a natural brain wave state that we all go into multiple times a day without realising. From when we first wake up in the morning, to when we repetively the same thing everyday and just don’t remember doing it afterwards, when we are day dreaming, or when we area reading a book and feeling relaxed, we are able to reach the state of hypnosis very naturally.

During the hypnosis session, it is exactly the same, i will be guiding you through a relax state of being by using your imagination (which comes from the subconcious mind ). This will gently open the subconcious mind in order for you to access memories or wherever your mind needs to go to in a gradual way.

How many sessions will i need to overcome my issue ?

This will depend on the issue you wish to address and on you. Even though it is in my my best interest to help resolve the issue(s) in 1 session, it is often the case that 3 to 4 sessions may be needed to fully resolve the issue. 

Will i be unconscious during the session ?

You will be very much conscious and aware of what is happening.  The main difference is that you will be deeply relaxed. 

You will still be in control of what you want to share and how you want to respond.  You will be fully capable of communicating with me any feelings, emotions, needs that you may have. 

​You will be also fully capable of opening your eyes and getting up to go to the toilet  if you need. 

The kind of hypnosis that i conduct is indeed very different than “stage hypnosis’ where the person is fully unconcious. in the context of therapy we do want the conscious part of your mind to stay active so that you can make sense of the healing process that is unfolding and gain all the wisdom from it.

Do you record sessions ?

Sessions are not and will not be recorded for various reasons.

We do not encourage clients to record the sessions either for healing purposes.

If the sessions is to be recorded, it will be fully dependent on the topic being addressed and only with full written consent of the client before the session.

Are there any risk or side effects to hypnotherapy?

There are minimal risks unless you have any pre-existing conditions such as epileptic tendencies, heart conditions, blood conditions (blood clots), and other physical problems/illnesses. If this is the case, please contact me directly before booking a session.

 It can be slightly uncomfortable during the sessions are releasing of the emotions is taking place.  Post session, most clients report feeling normal.  As the day progresses, a feeling of tiredness can move in and this is very normal. The following two days after the session, it is not uncommon to feel a slight feeling of being “in transition”.  This feeling usually last up to 2-3 nights sleep as you are processing and recalibrating. This post-session feeling of processing is very normal and necessary.   This is just like a surgery, however one of the mind so healing is part of the process.  During this time, people can feel tired, hungry, sad, sensitive, melancholic, or full of energy, high on life.  There is no way to know what you will feel, and all these feelings will pass and you will normalize back to your new ‘baseline’.

 About 20-30% of clients will experience these feelings in a heightened way – feeling very tired/needing to sleep, being unusually hungry, feeling more emotional than usual, feeling tingling around parts of the body, very deep sleep, feeling more energetic than usual, the need to retreat, the need to go out and do sports.  Again, these feelings will pass as you re-integrate.  

is online hypnotherapy as effective as in person ?

Yes it is just as effective. All you need is to  be able to hear my voice well and clearly and to be in a environement where you feel safe and won’t be distrubed for at least 3 hours. A good quality internet connection is also is also best in order to avoid any echoing or disturbance during the session.

How can i best prepare for a hypnotherapy session online ?

  1. Have a clear idea of what you would like to focus on – this helps the mind to focus.

  2. Eat before the session so that you have energy for the 3 hours you will be in session.

  3. Avoid drinking coffee at least 2 hours before the session.

  4. Avoid drinking alcohol the night before.

  5. Avoid taking mood-altering drugs or hallucinogenics for at least 2 nights prior to the date of the session.

  6. If you are taking anti-depressants or mood stabilizers, let me know in advance.

  7. Make sure to have a good and stable internet connection.
  8. Make sure you won’t be disturbed during the 3 hours or more.     
  9. Earphones or fully charged earpods are a must have. please know that i will not conduct the session if you don’t have any.
  10. If you have any questions or concerns about hypnotherapy and/or me, email me! Getting answers to these questions will ease your mind.

  11. Because hypnotherapy is most effective when relaxed, I suggest to come to the session as open minded as possible, without any feeling of resistance or doubt.  Some clients have relayed that they alleviated the feeling of pressure and nervousness to overcome issue itself by meditating prior to the session and some by reading more about the conscious, subconscious, and the mind.